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There is lots of confusion between Application program interface and Short Message Peer-to- Peer,which is the best tool for sending sms,both are the dominate option for developer that are looking to settle on a quality and High performance for SMS Application.

A Review of Both SMS API Functions

Today, a web-based application is not enough to reach your customers. People are very smart, they are using iphone, mobile, tablets etc. devices in its daily life. These devices also have a lot of apps for making the life easy. Actually, we are moving from the web towards apps world.
So, if you like to expose your service data to the browsers and as well as all these modern devices apps in fast and simple way, you should have an API which is compatible with browsers and all these devices.

Why to choose Web API ?

1. If we need a Web Service then ASP.Net Web API is best choice.
2. It is used to build simple, non-SOAP-based HTTP Services on top of existing WCF message pipeline.
3. It doesn't have tedious and extensive configuration like WCF REST service.
4. Simple service creation with Web API. With SMPP, service creation is difficult.
5. It is only based on HTTP and easy to define, expose and consume in a REST-ful way.
6. It is light weight architecture and good for devices which have limited bandwidth like smart phones.
7. It is open source.

SMPP solution is better suited to corporate brands with high volume bulk SMS requirements. SMPP is a TCP/IP based protocol that is more commonly used when connecting to mobile operators and service providers. The primary benefit of this protocol over a plain GSM modem is speed and overall capacity.

There is not really a hardware requirement. There is a service provider requirement, as you need to be connecting to an SMS service provider using the SMPP protocol.

Messages sent over SMPP are routed directly to and from the wireless service provider over a secure private network. Most major wireless service providers can provide confirmation of message delivery.

The greatest benefit to SMPP is the fact that messages are two-way, enabling mobile phone subscribers to respond to the messages you send them. SMPP also supports the ability to schedule the message delivery date and time among other functions.


SMPP is short message peer-to-peer binary protocol for sending SMS and was initially developed to test how good the SMS application works.

SMPP supports two way messaging and remains connected with SMSC continuosly through internet. SMPP has done wonders in sending large amount of messages worldwide.HTTP is popular among individuals who send 50 to 100 messages at a time where as SMPP is integrated for for sending high volume of SMS.

HTTP also performs well with the application but SMPP has shown extraordinary results and done wonders in sending large amount of messages worldwide.

Now,SMPP is used worldwide to send and receive messages in a reliable and affordable way.The demand of SMS marketing has increased drastically over a period of time and with this, the demand for multiple gateways and higher throughput has risen in the market.

All these requirements have been fulfilled by SMPPprotocol.Smart SMS is designed keeping the scalabilty of SMPP server in mind. Binding with SMPP is a complicated task, but SMPPSMSHUB is always there to help you integrate it.We suggest all our lients to get bound with SMPP to experience better throughput rates.On the other hand HTTP is a lower-level communication protocol to transfer messages.

It is not as reliable as SMPP in terms of sending high volume of messages.HTTP is designed for individual use and can't handle load balancing.It also lacks the parameters required by the providers worldwide.


SMPP Server and SMPP Client both are the important part of any Bulk SMS Platform. To send messages by SMPP Platform you must have an Application. SMPPSMShub has developed a Smart Bulk SMS Application, where SMPP Server communicates with SMPP Client through SMPP Protocol for sending SMS.

You can send single SMS or multiple SMS with the combination of SMPP Server and SMPP Client. Moreover, SMPP Server passes the Delivery report to SMPP Client so we do not care about run extra action to retrieve the Delivery report for a SMS.

Version of SMPP
The SMPP standard has evolved during the time. The most commonly used versions of SMPP are:

  • SMPP 3.3 the oldest used version (despite of its limitations, it is still widely used); supports GSM only
  • SMPP 3.4 adds Tag-Length-Value (TLV) parameters, support of non-GSM SMS technologies and the transceiver support (single connections that can send and receive messages)
  • SMPP 5.0 is the latest version of SMPP; adds support for cell broadcasting

  • The applicable version is passed in the interface_version parameter of a bind command
    Unique Feature of SMPP SERVER

  • Simple User Management
  • Creating New SMPP Users is easier than never before through the user friendly web interface. You can Create Unlimited SMPP Users.

  • Supports 1000 TPS
  • You needn’t worry about the scalability as your business grows, our SMPP Server supports upto 1000 TPS (Lab Tested).

  • Intelligent Q Management
  • No need to worry even if your connection with SMSC is lost or not stable, our SMPP Server automatically balances the load and hold the messages till the SMSC become stable.*

  • Easy Routing Rules
  • Route the messages into the right SMSC to get maximum benefit of low cost routes. While creating new SMPP users you have the option to select routing rules for your clients based on the business agreement.

  • Easy Prefix & Number Series Management
  • In certain countries SMS termination cost to each network is different. You can customize the billing and network for each country based on the country prefix and number series.You also have the options to set country flat rates in case you don't have complete number series or number series not found for that country.

  • Unlimited Routes (SMSC)
  • No more coding/editing required, just do it from the Easy to Use Web Interference and Click "Update" to restart the SMSC for making the new route live.

  • Secure IP Binding
  • You can decide how users need to bind to your SMPP Server whether IPBased binding or Open Binding and if open binding then system will authenticate based on Username & Password.

  • Easy Template Management
  • In certain countries telecom rules & regulations allows to send transactional SMS to Do not Disturb Numbers(DND), only through a separate account and it is a big headache for SMS Aggregators to ensure that all messages which are triggered through the Transactional Gateway are transactional in nature.Our Easy Template Management allows you to filter the messages based on pre-approved templates which ensures that you will not be fined by the telecom regulatory in your country You have the flexibility to Turn ON/OFF this option for each SMPP Users based on the business agreement

  • Sender ID Management
  • In many countries Sender needs to be whitelisted/approved before submitting messages, you can manage your customer’s Sender ID easily with option to whitelist and map as much as Sender ID to your customers SMPP Account You have the flexibility to Turn ON/OFF this option for each SMPP Users based on the business agreement.

  • DND/Blacklist Management
  • We have made the DND number scrubbing part simplified, you can import DND/Blacklisted numbers to your SMPP Server easily through the web interference
    You have the flexibility to Turn ON/OFF this option for each SMPP Users based on the business agreement
    We also have updated DND dump for India.

  • Delivery Timing Management
  • Sometimes you need to restrict delivery timings of SMS for example in India marketing SMS can’t be delivered between 9 PM to 9 AM, so if you enabled this feature then SMS which received after the allowed timings will be rejected by our SMPP Server with relevant error code.You have the flexibility to Turn ON/OFF this option for each SMPP Users based on the business agreement

  • MIS
  • It has 360 Degree view of all type of SMS Reports including the activity logs of your SMPP Users. There are options to send automatic daily MIS report to SMPP Users via email (support SMTP Configuration also)

  • Spam Filtering
  • Define your own Spam Keywords to avoid Spam messages send through your platform.

  • Easy Controls
  • No need to login to the hyper terminal/CLI to manage your Kannel, you can do all the act

  • Sub User Management
  • Create unlimited sub users for your organization to manage your SMPP Server like Support, Billing, Monitoring team etc.There are options to assign different roles & privileges to your sub-users.

  • Superb Responsive Web Control Panel
  • All the features of SMPP Server can be managed/controlled from anywhere through its integrated web control panel.Its responsive design allows you to control/monitor your SMPP Server even from your Mobile Phones.

  • System Requirements
  • SMPP Server works only with Windows Server.Hardware requirement based on your SMS Volume/TPS

  • License
  • We have 2 types of license Out Right Purchase: You can purchase the SMPP Server with a one time cost and the license valid for a server lifetime with 1 year free update. One Time Software Cost applies

  • Source Code
  • If you are a Developer and want to build your own smsapplication we will provide you tool to start development we will provide you source code.Bulk SMS Source CodeApplication


    We are pleased to let our first time visitors know more about SMART SMS.

    SMART SMS is an extremeLY powerful application for sending SMS. There are a variety of reasons why our clients love using SMART SMS. It can hadle 1000 TPS and your huge data without slowing down your server.

    Smart Sms pannel looks so wonderful that you will fall in love with it and because of this it becomes easy to make users and resellers.

    Its user friendly interface makes your work easy and fast.Ss will help you manage everyone under you. You can manage clients as and how you want.Your data is no more at a risk as Smart Sms runs on your Server.So now you can be at peace as all your data and client contacts remains id.

    Moreover, you do not have to depend on a single route. Add N number of gateways to your pannel and provide best and reliable service to your clients by diverting the route when one route is not working.

    Now its time to start earning more profits as you will be directly dealing with the operators.

    Smart SMS reporting has become so managable that you can have a watch of every sms being send from your pannel through the campaign reports,live traffice and schedule reports.

    You can provide best service to your clients by integrating add ons like Excel Plugin, Voice call,Missed call, Ivr,Long code Short Code.Beautiful Customising options are available in the pannel, which you can manage at your end for all your clients.

    With such a fantastic application and best service support start focusing on selling SMS rather than worrying about the pannel, lack of features, bugs etc.

    We have a very friendly and enthusiastic team which is available 24*7 for your support.Smart SMS is very affordable as per the competitive market.SMPPSMSHUB SMS Application


    In telecom Industry Short Message Service are performing leading role thus in a need of sending a single Message to numerous people or group at a time, with sender ID or without sender ID, that mass distribution called Bulk SMS Service. Sharing Information or for the purpose of promotion Bulk SMS are favored more. Bulk SMS Service are functioning on some basic principles, for what we provide a fastidious online panel for each user for better convenience, more over for the fast and better result we provide some extra features too.
    Visit : www.smppsmshub.com


    If you are planning to start a new venture then Bulk SMS is the best alternative now days, Bulk SMS industry providing you that platform to start your own new business. Around the world too many people are providing such services and there is a very remarkable number for Bulk SMS Service providers. How to start bulk SMS Business?

    • Re- Sellers: Most easy and convenient way for a fresh start up, Use the Re-selling Option, No need of own a server, No need of owning an application, No need of any gate ways. Use the Service of the provider and own your business.
    • Aggregator: Aggregators are the people who are providing Re-seller panels to their clients, and they working as a super admin. With their own aggregator panel with all authority and powers.
    For More information please Visit : www.smppsmshub.com


    An aggregator is an individual who owns an application hosted on their personal server; an aggregator provide the service of Re-selling and SMPP service. An aggregator working as a super admin and control and manage their client as per their services. Aggregators are only using different SMPP Accounts like Vodafone, Airtel, and Idea etc. Visit: www.smppsmshub.com


    • SMPP (Short Message peer to peer) is a protocol in telecom industry for exchanging SMS to external SMS individual. It is capable of handling more than 1000 SMS per second. Mostly SMPP allows third party to use the SMS service; it also use for peering SMS.
    • SMPPSMSHub is one of the very reputed providers of SMPP Application, with the great panel and features. We provide application at the minimum costing and too many extra features for the same. Apart from the basic feature we do provide thirteen different themes which can gives your panel an attractive look and you can change as many time as you want, outstanding dashboard with reports (graphical view), you have archived facility as well and Sender IDs list on the same.
    • As per the admin you can see the history and the details (User ID, password, Account Details). Separate Option for gateways and server configuration. You can provide API to your users with different coding languages. Get the live report of your user's campaign.

    This is the reason why you need SMPP, We haven't discuss all the Function and facilities at here but we would really appreciate you if you just give a call at 9712222776 or log in www.smppsmshub.com


    Most commonly SMPP used for exchanging SMS to external entity. It uses for peering SMS. It is far more useful to any individual who is in telecom industry. It is very much useful for any individual who just need an EMSE just to connect and send messages from any SMS aggregator. It is useful for any aggregator who is in bulk SMS industry to develop independent SMSC and use it for Re-selling.