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You can take ur Business from Good to Great

Every single Business requires a platform to promote their Business. Now confidently deliver your Business SMS messages. We will take care of all the complexities for you.

SMPPSMShub provides you a tool wherein you can promote your Business and grow in this hotly competitive market.

SMPPSMShub simplifies SMS operation, managing numbers portability and introduces real-time online monitoring to manage large volume of SMS.


Enterprise Communication: Short Messaging Peer-to-peer (SMPP)


SMPP is a TCP/IP based Protocol. The main benefit of this protocol is its speed and overall capacity. And to get bind with the SMPP there is no hardware required.

What you need is a Service provider to be connected using the SMPP protocol.

SMPPSMShub successfully provides SMPP connectivity for all the Aggregators having a wonderful capacity of over 2000 TPS.

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Email to SMS

HLR Look up

Two Factor Authentication

Live SMS Traffic

We Provide All Kind Of Business Services

Missed Call

I-misscall (Miss call service) is a cloud telephony platform is designed to Target your audience via missed call. It has integrated CRM panel, auto-responder and dynamic multi-channel call-to-action triggers such as IVR, SMS and voice call.

IVR-Toll Free

Our IVR Service can be used for both inbound calls from remote call forwarding numbers as well as outbound surveys,Campaign and polls. Use our call routing systems with inbound call tracking to provide Professional customer satisfaction.

Voice Call

Voice Broadcasting is a service/technique of sending pre-recorded voice messages to your Target client. We SMPPSMShub As a reliable and convenient voice broadcasting (OBD) solution provider in India, we're dedicated to meeting the customer’s requirement with real-time results.

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Company Details

Smart Technology was founded in year 2010 in India. We are leading company in Business of SMPP Connectivity and SMS Application provider based in city Vadodara, Gujarat. We are developing and enhancing our Business with approaching new Technologies in our service solution towards the demand of our client. So as to do constant innovation of ideas for better and effective service, we have software Development teams which constantly concentrate on Client Requirement and Solution.

It is a great market opportunity for small Business Entrepreneurs and new Businesses to join with us to expand their Business with a simplest and cheaper way of expand their Business via SMS marketing.

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