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SMPPSMShub provides you Bulk SMS Aggregator Application, by which you can start your own SMS Business and manage everything under you. You can get direct SMPP connectivity from the operator and wave off the middle man. Manage everything under you like a super Admin. Also provide SMPP account to your users.Provide SMS, Missed Call, IVR,Voice Call service and Excel plugins to your Re - Sellers and users under a single platform.You can Visit our Website : smppsmshub.com for more information.


SMPP connectivity is a highly scalable Store and Forward Platform for Operators and SMS Aggregators. For better performance, it is architected to make a First delivery attempt and undelivered message are stored and retried. The architecture provides high performance throughput per Server and provides seamless scalability both vertically and horizantly. This API can be used to send all kinds of SMS types, including ordinary text, binary, and Unicode messages, You can also download SMPP account delivery report and SMPP gateway providers report.


SMPPSMShub provide robotos HTTP and SMPP API technology for Send a single text message or thousands, any application can do it with API.We can POST text message replies and delivery notifications directly to your application.Send messages using Greek, Arabic or Asian character sets or include special characters.Send messages using Asian character sets or include special characters.Retrieve inbound SMS as a separate API command or allow replies to be posted to your application.

Instant Delivery

Time duration for the delivery would be 1000SMS/1sec. that means your campaign won't take more than 5 Minutes for 10Lakh SMS campaign. We also offer the Delivery report with accurate figures for your Campaign. We provide appropriate notification for SMS liberation (E.g. Sent, Delivered, Dropped etc). Our ratio for the delivery is 99.99%. We offer two premium SMS routes 1. Delivery within 5 seconds and 2. Delivery within 30 Second and customers can choose the gateway depending upon their requirements.

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Bulk SMS

Transactional SMS

These are messages which are sent to your customer to pass on information necessary for using your product or service.....

Promotional SMS

These are messages which are sent to your customer to pass on information necessary for using your product or service....

Open DND

Open DND" which expose that you can send a promotional SMS contains to Activated DND numbers. Possibly it will raise the number of leads."...


Integrate Bulk SMS api with your IN-Houes application and Send Transactional and Promotional SMS with our gateway...

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Transactional SMS

10 SMS
10,000 SMS
50,000 SMS
1,00,000 SMS
5,00,000 SMS
Sender ID (Defult)Sender ID(Unique)Sender ID(Unique)Sender ID(Unique)Sender ID(Unique)
Template (Defult)Multi TemplateMulti TemplateMulti TemplateMulti Template
Timing (8 AM to PM)Timing 24 HoursTiming 24 HoursTiming 24 HoursTiming 24 Hours
0 INR1500 INR + TAX6000 INR + TAX10,000 INR + TAX40,000 INR + TAX

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