How IVR Works ?

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  • Customer care call centers and help desk services can utilize Interactive Voice Response (IVR), an automated platform that lets computers interact with humans via voice and tones entered through a keypad. This can essentially save cost of operations and also increase security in the calls. In this article, we will talk about how IVR works. The technology used in IVR has revolutionized the industry. Before, to gather responses from the caller, the solution has to present information with the use of pre-recorded voice prompts. IVR uses a special hardware such as the telephony board or telephony card and a computer to accept calls. When a person connects to a call, they will be guided to the menu options and asked the numbers to dial into the device.

    The IVRLive Multi-level IVR is a hierarchical menu structure that expands the capability of the current Auto-Receptionist feature. IVRLive extends this capability by providing system administrators with the flexibility to simplify inbound call flow configurations. It is ideal for companies that need economic, efficient, professional call handling.

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